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Bible Institute     Thursday 12/23/21

Today's Topic The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ .

Who's Jesus?

1- Came from Holy Spirit - Son of the Highest. Matthew 1:20

2- Favor of God - Great - First born son of Mary .

and born in the City of David of Bethlehem . Luke 1:30-33-

3- Born in Nazareth in season of Taxed . Luke 2:1-

4- Savior- Christ the Lord that he shall save his people from sins. Matthew 1:21- Luke 2-11

5- Son of 'Abraham - Son of David Matthew 1:1

6- Prosperity of the house and family and of David. Psalms 132:11

7- Emmanuel- God with us Matthew 1:23

8- Good tiding of great joy to all people.

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